Stonito™ Dictionary

Stonito™ Dictionary is single developer life-time project.

Started out of a curiosity, used as a development playground for years, full-grown product nowadays.

Majority of terms have illustrations and explanations. And off-course, translations are available all the time.

What makes Stonito™ Dictionary stands out is it's speed and search features. This dictionary is updated daily. So, it is getting even better day every.

Different flavors

Aside from the easy to use interface above, dictionary comes in two additional flavors. You can check them out following links bellow.

Three-way one language dictionaries
  • English to German, French and Serbian
  • German to English, French and Serbian
  • French to English, German and Serbian
  • Serbian to English, German and French

Two-way two language dictionaries

Part of the dictionary project is also Windows application, known by trade name Eword.

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