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  1. (full name Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise) (1950-) princess of the UK, second child of Queen Elizabeth II, declared Princess Royal 1987; She is an excellent horsewoman, winning a gold medal at the 1976 Olympics, and is actively involved in global charity work, especially for children
  2. in 1973 she married Capt Mark Phillips (1949– ); they separated 1989 and were divorced 1992; In Dec 1992 she married Commander Timothy Laurence; Her son Peter (1977– ) was the first direct descendant of the Queen not to bear a title; She also has a daughter, Zara (1981– )
  3. (1665-1714) queen of Great Britain and Ireland 1702–-14; she was the second daughter of James, Duke of York, who became James II, and Anne Hyde; she succeeded William III 1702; Events of her reign include the War of the Spanish Succession, Marlborough's victories at Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde, and Malplaquet, and the union of the English and Scottish parliaments 1707; Anne was succeeded by George I; she received a Protestant upbringing, and in 1683 married Prince George of Denmark (1653–-1708); Of their many children only one survived infancy, William, Duke of Gloucester (1689-–1700); For the greater part of her life Anne was a close friend of Sarah Churchill (1650-–1744), wife of John Churchill (1650-–1722), afterwards Duke of Marlborough; the Churchills' influence helped lead her to desert her father for her brother-in-law, William of Orange, during the Revolution of 1688, and later to engage in Jacobite intrigues; her replacement of the Tories by a Whig government 1703–04 was her own act, not due to Churchillian influence; Anne finally broke with the Marlboroughs 1710, when Mrs Masham succeeded the duchess as her favorite, and supported the Tory government of the same year