Serbian German French
havarijskiGetöse, Getosecollision
propastKrachen, krachenaccrochage
sudarEinsturzse crasher
tresakCrashse mettre au lit
nesrećaKarambolageavoir un accident
udesKollisionse planter
rušenje sistemaabstürzen
skrhati sein Konkurs gehen
srušiti se
sudarati se

  1. highly concentrated or intense
  2. marked by a concerted effort and effected in the shortest possible time especially to meet emergency conditions

crashn.a sudden large decline of business or the prices of stocks (especially one that causes additional failures); collapse

krahm.lupaf.padm.propastf.slomm.slomovi sudarm.tresakm.tresci 

Absturzm.Abstürze Getösen.Getösen Pleitef.Pleiten Zusammenstoßm.Zusammenbruchm.Unfallm.Unfälle Krachenn.Krachm.Kräche Einsturzm.Einstürze Crashm.Getosen.Getosen 

chocm.collisionf.crashm.écrasementm.fracasm.crashm.crashes, crashs 

crashn.coarse drapery and towelling fabric

crashn.a serious accident (usually involving one or more vehicles); wreck, collision, fender-bender

  1. a sudden failure of a computer or software
  2. a condition in which a computer or network server becomes inoperative because of a software or memory-management problem
  3. in a computer hard disk or diskette drive, contact of the read/write head with the surface of a disk or platter; usually, it is the result of excessive physical vibration or shock
  4. an event that causes a computer system to become inoperative
  5. the failure of either a program or a disk drive; a program crash results in the loss of all unsaved data and can leave the operating system unstable enough to require restarting the computer; a disk drive crash, sometimes called a disk crash, leaves the drive inoperable and can cause loss of data

  1. to break violently or noisily; smash; break up, break apart
  2. to cause to crash
  3. to fall or come down violently
  4. to hurl or thrust violently; dash
  5. to move violently; as through a barrier
  6. to undergo damage or destruction on impact; ram
  7. to move with, or as if with, a crashing noise
  8. to occupy, usually uninvited
  9. to stop operating; go down

  1. (about a computer or software) to suddenly stop or be stopped from working because there is a fault:
  2. for a system or program, to fail to function correctly, resulting in the suspension of operation
  3. for a magnetic head, to hit a recording medium, with possible damage to one or both