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In the summer of 1969, the four mop-topped singers from Liverpool were breaking up. The war in Vietnam was escalating. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. And the Department of Defense built a computer network called ARPANET to link its defense installations with several major universities throughout the US. And I was born.


My name is Toni Stojev. Stonito is my nickname, and a name of my .I live in Knjaževac,19350, 4. Septembar 146, Serbia and work as an software engineer.

I was born on June 4th 1969 in one small town on the border with Bulgaria called Bosilegrad, Serbia, Yugoslavia. It is my prime root.

I have lived in many cities in Serbia and Bosnia since, for me far most important of them are Tuzla (Bosnia) and Nis (Serbia). Now I have both Serbian and Bosnian citizenship.


I finished my elementary education in schools in Visegrad (Bosnia), Pirot (Serbia) and Lukavac (Bosnia).

My secondary school was School of Electrotechnics in Tuzla, where I was one of the best pupils in my generation, and where my various talents become known of. I participated and won many competitions on mathematics and physics on a country level (former Yugoslavia). I started my electrical engineering studies on faculty in Tuzla, Bosnia. When the war broke out I moved to Serbia to continue and finish my studies on Faculty of Electronics in Nis, Serbia. There I finally graduated with an average grade 7.83 and 10.0 on final exam (software for calculation and graphical results representation for compound grounding devices in two-layer soil). My average grade is not describing my studies best, because when I don't like some subjects then I learned them only to pass, so my best grades are from the most dificcult subjects, and my worst grades (and there are many) are for the easiest subjects.


After graduation I have worked 3 years as a software developer and electrical installation designer in construction company "Progres Pirot" - in Nis, Serbia. During that time I was also developing software for statistics and other electrical distribution system topics. Then I went back to Tuzla and found a work in several small private software engineering firms as a software developer where I have developed various kinds of software. Also, I work as a freelancer, contract jobs that I design, develop, and implement completely alone.

Short list of companies I have worked for so far,

  • "Progres Pirot – Gradnja Nis", Serbia, big construction company, now extinct, software developer and electrical installation designer, 3 years
  • "Spin d.o.o.", Tuzla, Bosnia, software developer, 4 months
  • "King d.o.o.", Doboj, Bosnia, software developer, various accounting and point-of-sale software using Delphi 5, MS SQL, Interbase, 2 years
  • "GlobalOffice24", Tuzla, Bosnia, software for billing of electrical energy electrical distribution company, district Brcko, using Delphi 7, ADO, MS SQL server 2000, 4 months, owner by Mr. Chris Roth ref: +41795048251 or +4916099113374)
  • "Tehnopetrol d.o.o.", Nis, Serbia, complete point-of-sale system for petrol stations, video surveillance software with MMS, GPRS support, software interface to a hardware solution for forecourt management, software interface toward various fiscal printers, software interface emulating DOMS (PS 5000) forecourt controllers ( on TCP/IP level, software emulators for DOMS and fiscal printers and many more, 4 years, still working in this company
  • "ABB",Segelhofstrasse 9P 5405, Baden-Dättwil, Switzerland, Delphi, .NET, C#, Crystal Reports

Jobs that I have managed alone,

  • Video rental software, with client software for browsing films, featuring multimedia streaming for movie trailers, manager and cashier terminal, video store Saffian d.o.o., Zivinice, Bosnia
  • Restaurant software, touch screen terminals for waiters, bartenders, manager, stockmaster, and message and printer server, utilizing TCP/IP + XML messaging technology, centralizing messages distribution and printing receipts, restaurant Robinzon d.o.o., Lake Modrac, near Tuzla, Bosnia
  • Retail point-of-sale solutions, several stores in Nis, Serbia, Tuzla, Bosnia
  • Financial Accounting software, several state-owned institutions in Nis, Serbia


Performing all those jobs I developed particular skills, that are listed below,

  • Borland Delphi, expert level with more than 15 years heavy duty experience, writing components, multithreaded applications, windows sockets, DCOM
  • C#, .NET my new main development environment, using Visual Studio 2005, 2008
  • C/C++
  • SQL, expert level with more than 10 years of heavy duty experience, Interbase/Firebird, MS SQL 2000, MS SQL 2005, MySQL, SQLite.
  • HTML, PHP, MySQL for web development.
  • Networks, hardware and software installation, Windows NT, 2000, XP, Linux.

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After many years of professional experience finding no problems or requests that I was not able to solve in little or no time I am now fully confident. I am solution oriented developer; I adopt new technologies quickly and readily. Owing to my experience I am now able to recognize possible problems in early phases of solution development and implement remedies in final product, so field exploitations of my solutions works seamlessly and with no or minimal maintenance from my side.

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By Toni Stojev