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How to buy

You can buy Pisarnica online using fully automated procedure.

Immediately after completing payment you will receive registration data by email, and those registration data can be used to register running copy of Pisarnica on any computer.

Complete registration procedure is explained on a separate page.


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current version 1.0

Kompletno rešenje za e-pisarnicu, sadrži klijent za pisare, klijent za instruktore, web pristup skeniranim dokumentima. Potpuno automatizovani rad sa skenerima svih vrsta, skeniranje više strana pritiskom na dugme.

Three computer license for only $50 (VAT included).

Or, you may by Payza

Codes delivery
Immediately after payment complition you will get your registration data on your email address.
The process is fully automated and performed on stonito.com website. Your keys are valid for use in registration process from the moment they are created. There is no waiting period at all.
If you have not received your registration data after payment you can ask us to resend your registration data manually using our contact form.

Registration license you receive is valid for registration on three different computers.
So, you will have ability to use the same registration license if you buy new computer without any action from our side! This way you can change computer three times without the same purchase.

Payment processor

We use well established and secure payment processor to manage your payment. Your personal information will be completely safe this way and your sensitive data will never reach our site.

Payza is the award-winning international online payment platform of choice. We are globally renowned for excellence in usability, security and customer service, and recognized around the world for delivering international online payment processing to the global village, including developed, developing and underdeveloped countries.
To provide our customers with the world’s first truly global payment platform, to bring affordable and convenient payment methods to under-serviced markets, and to connect the global marketplace with emerging countries. We also strive to provide outstanding customer service, superior usability and dependable security. Payza will achieve this through:

  • An established global presence in more countries than our competitors
  • Helpful and friendly customer support
  • A wide variety of flexible payment options
  • Intuitive user-friendly design
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Intelligent fraud prevention
  • A talented and dedicated staff working together to achieve excellence

By Toni Stojev