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Stonito Software
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Fast crossword authoring software with free crossword editing and solving tool. Multilanguage support and updateable crossword layout, based on words in Stonito Online Dictionary! Three computer license for only $ 60 (VAT included).

Crossword making software is a set of tools that makes correct crosswords according to predefined pattern (grid dimensions, square positions and fixed letters). Another important part of crosswords authoring process is defining all words (Across and Down), in a clue manner so to give additional fun to the end user solving it. And third part of this package is an application that end users use to try published crosswords, removing the need for have it in printed form.

Crossword Authoring Tools

Main Features

Main project goals were set as:

  • to develop high quality and low cost software for crossword composing using different dictionaries
  • to develop software for publishing and solving crosswords in digital form
  • to maintain collection of free published crosswords ready for download for a ordinary crossword loving people.

Software can support any language. But, to be consistent with English/German/French/Serbian dictionary Stonito.Com those four languages are included in software by default. First three use standard ASCII letters (accents and umlauts stripped from German and French). Cyrilic letters are used for Serbian, but words are internally stored in ASCII also. All dictionaries are stored in plain text format, so they can be freely updated and expanded, according to your needs. You can also maintain different dictionaries according to your needs.

Crossword Composing

This application is for making correct crossword out of selected dictionary and predefined patterns. Pattern consists of grid dimensions, and square (black box) places with or no fixed letters in a grid. Software is shareware and may be used freely for limited number of times.

Crossword Editing

This application is for editing crosswords, adding and changing definition for all words in across and down direction, and can be used to convert any ready-made crossword in digital form, to be used bo Crossword Solving tool. It is absolutely free.

Crossword Solving

This application is for solving crossword published in digital form, removing the effort of reading definition table during solving crossword, easy to use enabling the end user to enjoy crosswords more. This tool is absolutely free also.

Crossword Version History

  1. Corrected words download from Stonito Dictionary

By Toni Stojev