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Crossword making software is a set of tools that makes correct crosswords according to predefined pattern (grid dimensions, square positions and fixed letters). Another important part of crosswords authoring process is defining all words (Across and Down), in a clue manner so to give additional fun to the end user solving it. And third part of this package is an application that end users use to try published crosswords, removing the need for have it in printed form.

Crossword Authoring Tools

Crossword Software Tools

The software for composing and solving crosswords

Crossword Software

The crossword composing is one of the most difficult tasks imaginable. Computers can help with this with their enormous computing power and the fact they never miss anything and that they don't get tired.

Crossword Composing

Eword in action

Composing tool uses searches based on Regular Expressions and smart order of grid filling to give secure fast solution to crossword composing problem. Word base is crucial for finding solution. You will be surprised how difficult it can be to compose crossword with ordinary word base.

Crossword Editing

Eword in action

When the crossword is successfully composed, you have the grid filled with correct words. Now you need to ented definition for all "Across" and "Down" words, and set word dividers (dashed lines dividing composed terms in solution). When you save it to file, you have your crossword in digital form, that can be opened and tried with Crossword Solving tool.

Crossword Solving

Eword in action

Crossword saved in digital form can be opened in Free Crossword tool. It can be filled in Across or Down direction and it shows Definitons for Across and Down words for selected field at the bottom as you move your selection field. Simple to use, yet have a manual on separate page.

Crossword Version History

  1. Corrected words download from Stonito Dictionary

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By Toni Stojev