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Stonito Download Page

All Stonito products have free download and free trial options.

Download links are direct URLs and trials are limited by runs. Runs are counted and checked online.

Stonito for Lotto

Stonito for Lotto

actual version

... direct download link - file size 2.37 MB

Lotto is all about prediction. Humans are not great in predicting things. They don't perform well if they don't understand problem. Neural networks are different. They don't try to understand. They are just fed and trained. And when they perform flawlessly for the past. Using them for the prediction seems the best available option.

Trial Web Authorization

All products have predetermined number of free trial runs.

buttons try, register, buy and exit

When you start the unregistered Stonito software you are presented with a form that offers you several options.

Try button will authorize you for another trial run. Press it once and wait, no need to do anything more. Your trial runs will be checked online and if you have unused trial runs, you software will start. You will see how many trial runs you have left also.

Buy button will open the order page in your default web browser

Register will give you possibility to register the software

Exit will close the application.

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By Toni Stojev