Stonito for Forecourt


There is hardly any developer working for petrol stations not familiar with DOMS. DOMS (PSS 5000) is the most popular forecourt controller in the market. Forecourt controller is a hardware device that automates petrol station. It can connect and control almost any device found on forecourts nowadays.

PSS 5000 uses proprietary TCP/IP protocol to connect with POS clients. For that connection you need interface components supplied by DOMS to its distributors. Component is a standard OCX component.

The main problem developers face working for petrol station is testing. Testing on the site is not the best option. It disrupts the usual operation of the forecourt and often puts station out of order.

Main features

Software is written for .NET framework. All the most important functions of one petrol station exist in an emulator.

  • Configuring forecourt with up to 16 fueling points with 1-5 nozzles
  • Configuring decimal places on displays for unit prices, volume and money amounts
  • Lifting nozzle, controlling speed of dispensing and replacing nozzle
  • Authorize fueling point
  • De-authorize fueling point
  • Preset fueling point with money or volume
  • Read transaction
  • Lock transaction
  • Clear transaction
  • Keeping and readout of pump volume and money totalizers

Stonito for Forecourt main form

On the screen emulator form is on top of the Demo Pos (supplied by Doms and used for testing its hardware).

For a full manual check documentation PDF file available id download section.

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