The purpose of testing can be quality assurance, verification and validation, or reliability estimation.

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Emulator\'s Save Money Twice

To develop software for petrol station you need equipment. The most used forecourt controller in the world today is PSS 5000 (DOMS).

You may buy it, that is not simple thing but can be done. But you need dispensers (calculators) also. You can buy emulators for them too. It is not impossible. This development environment will cost you a lot of money and time.

Or you can use my emulator. It will turn your PC into PSS 5000 device. And with connected dispensers too. And yet very easily fully configurable. Save your time too. And because time is money, it saves you money twice.

Doms Emulator - Configuration options

Thorough Testing is a key to good software product. And you should try your software under many different configurations

Doms Emulator gives you an opportunity to thoroughly test your Point-of-Sale solution for petrol stations in a comfort of your developing environment. It listens to a TCP/IP ports and responds to messages like a real DOMS PSS 5000 system. It can be installed and set running on any PC in a local area network and simulate DOMS to any application that uses it. Emulator allows you to setup very different forecourts (and test them accordingly)

So, what is configurable? You can configure almost everything applicable to petrol station:

  • Grades (fuels) that station sells
  • Decimal places for unit prices, volumes and amounts
  • Fueling points (up to 20)
  • Connection of all nozzles in all fueling points to a tank (grade)
  • Dispensing speed while tanking
  • Fueling point totalisers for volume, grades and money

Screen Shots and Videos

Look at Emupss in action!

If you want to know more about Emupss, than you may want to read an online manual.

Trial users by country and last time of use table:

countrytrial userslast usage
Spain73January 9th, 2019
Serbia53December 24th, 2018
United Kingdom43June 14th, 2018
Morocco32October 17th, 2018
Bosnia and Herzegovina31December 16th, 2018
Russian Federation31October 21st, 2018
United States29November 28th, 2018
India28December 10th, 2018
Dominican Republic26January 11th, 2019
Poland21July 25th, 2018
Portugal19September 18th, 2018
Slovenia16February 21st, 2018
Croatia15November 24th, 2018
Ireland15March 8th, 2018
Indonesia12September 15th, 2017
Romania12November 26th, 2018
Greece9September 24th, 2018
Mexico8August 29th, 2018
Philippines8July 9th, 2018
Kuwait7April 26th, 2016
Oman7January 23rd, 2019
United Arab Emirates6October 25th, 2018
Bulgaria6September 13th, 2016
Germany5October 23rd, 2018
Georgia5October 3rd, 2018
Peru5April 16th, 2018
Czech Republic4February 28th, 2014
Netherlands4April 17th, 2018
South Africa4December 13th, 2018
Brazil3August 23rd, 2014
Belarus3March 4th, 2016
Hungary3July 13th, 2018
Israel3November 29th, 2018
Iceland3January 2nd, 2017
Sri Lanka3June 28th, 2018
Moldova, Republic of3April 18th, 2017
Montenegro3October 28th, 2015
Sweden3April 28th, 2014
Switzerland2December 5th, 2015
China2June 28th, 2016
Guatemala2February 22nd, 2017
Guam2April 5th, 2018
Italy2November 5th, 2016
Jamaica2September 10th, 2014
Macedonia2January 23rd, 2019
Malaysia2February 26th, 2018
Nigeria2March 28th, 2018
Singapore2September 18th, 2018
Turkey2February 2nd, 2018
Austria1September 16th, 2014
Australia1April 26th, 2018
Canada1January 8th, 2015
Colombia1July 17th, 2018
Ecuador1June 1st, 2016
France1April 12th, 2013
Kenya1July 25th, 2012
Liberia1August 30th, 2014
Lithuania1February 9th, 2013
Luxembourg1October 17th, 2013
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya1May 11th, 2013
Mongolia1March 21st, 2014
New Zealand1February 17th, 2015
Puerto Rico1November 28th, 2018
Qatar1October 7th, 2013
Vietnam1December 27th, 2015
Zambia1March 22nd, 2018
Total users600January 23rd, 2019

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By Toni Stojev