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Yes, you can Google, you can Yahoo the word you are looking. But you can also type the word, wait a second, and get the results (no scroll, no click, no type anything more)

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Welcome to Eword Home Page

Stonito Software
Eword (En-De-Fr-Yu) , current version

Eword is a brave attempt to change world of computer dictionary software. It is multilingual (English,German,French,Serbian) translation software translating in all three directions simultaneously, with word definitions in native language and graphic illustrations for many words. And it works completely online, no data is stored locally, all the changes to the word base is transferred to all clients immediately, no upgrade, no heavy download never. Three computer license for only $ 60 (VAT included).

In the times of globalization problems in communication between people coming from different language areas is more present than ever.

Although English language is almost generally accepted as an universal language it will never be fully accepted as such.

There will always be place for dictionaries like Eword. Altough today there are some of quite good online dictionary open source project (wikipedia beeing the most advanced) there will be always place for quality offline software dictionaries.

Euroword is the English-German-French and Serbian four way illustrated dictionary. And it translates simultaneously to other three in all four directions.

Stonito Eword Features

Almost all software dictionaries that I came accross with suffer from one or more severe limitations.

  • Their database is not consistent or full of errors and incorrect translations, and editing capabilities are either not present or too cumbersome to use
  • Their database is scarce, many words that I needed translation for could not be found. Although software may offer good editing capability it is still tedious job because number of entries to add and correct asks for too much effort so that one man can not accomplish it.
  • Database is of acceptable quality but software has been made in such manner as to expect to be used alone to be efficient enough. And problem with this is that we rarely use dictionary alone but use it as a quick tool when working on something else.

Eword is unique approach to that problem. Quite an effort was made to solve above problems other dictionaries have.

First of all, altough made as standard Windows application, it is online dictionary. Its database is the same used in online dictionary.

It uses state-of-the-art internet technology to fetch data from online sources and present it to you as if they were local data residing on your computer. It also uses cashing of those files, so searching dictionary for once looked for data is like a breeze.

Some of Eword users have an authorization to use this software to upload data to the online dictionary, making its database alive, and adding and correcting entries virtually every day. And the best of all, all these changes made by authorized users are visible to all the other immediately. No need to update, download, or upgrade.

Recently, I added letter permutation game that uses this dictionary, and it can be played online with English, French, German or Serbian words.

Now available as an application for Android phones too.

Get the Eword dictionary Android app from SlideME.

Eword Version History

  1. added auto international keyboard switch on language change
  2. added search containing option with paging
  3. added search matched (full text) option with paging
  4. added clipboard monitoring
  5. added hide on focus option

  1. changed picture view method, now it uses the same main form, can be triggered by Alt+Enter keyboard combination
  2. added search capability

  1. Picture (if exists) moved to the separate window, attached left or right to the eword's main form.

  1. GIF images work correctly now

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By Toni Stojev