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English language is close to the common world language. Yet there are slim chances that any language will became such a language.

The need to have a good dictionary will persist. With a lot of free open dictionaries available nowadays, is there a place for a new one? The more the merrier, somebody once said.

Eword is the English-German-French and Serbian four way illustrated dictionary. And it translates to all directions.

Many dictionaries today have similar problems.

  • Some use database that contains incorrect entries, and update is impossible
  • Some have too few entries. Even if the software is good adding many entries is too much an effort to expect from an average user.
  • Some have database of acceptable quality but accompanying software is not so good. Common mistake in dictionary software design is to have it as a regular application. Yet, dictionary is usually used as a quick check, as a tool.

Eword is unique approach to those problems.

First of all, although made as standard Windows application, it is online dictionary. Its database is the same used in online dictionary.

It use minimal data transfer to fetch data online. The user is not aware of the whole process.

There are a bunch of Eword users making updates to an online database every day. That makes word base alive, having entries added or corrected all the time. All these changes made by reliable users are visible to all the other immediately. No need to update, download, or upgrade.

Main features

Software is written for .NET framework. All the most important functions of one petrol station exist in an emulator.

Stonito for Words main form

Minimalistic design. All function are hidden in the menu opened by clicking on the main language icon

For a full manual check documentation PDF file available id download section.

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