No installation, no setting up, just connect to Internet (if not already), run an executable file, type the word, look at the results and close it again

Stonito Eword, home page, order, or download. Online manual, maybe?

Eword - Yet Another Dictionary?

Stonito Eword is not yeat another dictionary!

It's main goal is to quickly make you understand what the particular word mean, not to bother with facts like it's origin, pronunciation or history of usage. Although those are valuable information too, they are of no interest to Eword. It deals with translation and explanation of terms only.

Data On Web, Tool in Hand

Today's dictionary must be updated regularly. If it is distributed to many places than the word base must be redistributed again and again...

That's why I opted for online database. It takes out some speed, but gives you regularly updated database with no redistribution whatsoever.

Local application has all the rights on your computer, and will always be more responsive than an web application running in some kind of sandbox. That's why the application is local.

Screen Shots and Videos

Look at Eword in action: all terms, translation, explanation and ilustration!

If you want to know more about Eword, than you may want to read an online manual.

This software is completely free for trial, you can download it and try it for some time without any need for payment.

Database is regularly updated with similar software tool available to limited number of people. If you want to contributed to Eword by adding translation and definition and updating database, please contact webmaster for this tool.

Trial users by country and last time of use table:

countrytrial userslast usage
Serbia27January 29th, 2018
Pakistan11February 1st, 2015
India6May 2nd, 2013
United States5June 24th, 2018
Macedonia4January 3rd, 2014
Egypt3July 31st, 2014
Zambia3March 7th, 2015
Argentina2October 7th, 2013
Bosnia and Herzegovina2January 31st, 2012
Bulgaria2August 22nd, 2013
Germany2July 14th, 2014
Indonesia2January 27th, 2012
Philippines2June 4th, 2013
Romania2May 13th, 2013
Russian Federation2June 7th, 2017
Ukraine2June 23rd, 2018
Belgium1December 19th, 2012
Canada1June 23rd, 2018
China1August 30th, 2018
Denmark1January 10th, 2013
Spain1October 27th, 2016
France1March 15th, 2013
United Kingdom1December 30th, 2017
Mexico1November 1st, 2013
Paraguay1October 29th, 2013
Sudan1November 7th, 2011
Total users87August 30th, 2018

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By Toni Stojev