Computers with appropriate software can help you enjoy your hobby more, removing tedios work from them.

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software used when enjoying life

Software in this category is small but useful, designed to help you be more productive in your hobbies.

Although you think productivity has nothing to do with hobbies, think again.

You can have more time if tedious jobs in your hobbies are done with computer programs instead you.

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multilingual dictionary (En-De-Fr-Yu), license costs $30, download is 0.70 MB
Eword (En-De-Fr-Yu)
artificial intelligence in lotto, license costs $60, download is 2.37 MB
Stonito for Lotto
best tool for PTR members, license costs $30, download is 2.99 MB
Paid-To-Read Buster
crosswords authoring software, license costs $60, download is 0.00 MB
Stonito Crossword
driver license test, license costs $12, download is 0.00 MB
Stonito DLT

All the Hobby Software - Table

  1. Eword (En-De-Fr-Yu)
    A brave attempt to change computer dictionary software philosophy. It is a multilingual (English, German, French and Serbian) translation software. It translates in all three directions at the same time. Entries have explanations in the same language. Graphic illustrations for many words are also available. It works completely online, no data ever is local. All changes are immediately visible to all users.
  2. Stonito for Lotto
    Lotto is all about prediction. Humans are not great in predicting things. They don't perform well if they don't understand problem. Neural networks are different. They don't try to understand. They are just fed and trained. And when they perform flawlessly for the past. Using them for the prediction seems the best available option.
  3. Paid-To-Read Buster
    Paid to read industry is no fun without this tool. With PTR Buster you automate almost everything that can be automated without breaking any rule of the Paid To Read programs.
  4. Stonito Crossword
    Fast crossword authoring software with free crossword editing and solving tool. Multilanguage support and updateable crossword layout, based on words in Stonito Online Dictionary!
  5. Stonito DLT
    Complete set of driving exam tests used in former Yugoslavia and Australia, in a simple to use and intuitive software package that can help you gain or test knowledge of road rules.
Total of 5 software(s)

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By Toni Stojev