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Game of Lotto

Lotto is a very popular gambling game. The popularity comes from a dream offered for a petty price. Yet, odds to winning are huge. For a dream to come true customer only need to check correct numbers. But predicting them is beyond our comprehension.

People are bad in prediction. We all have favorite, lucky, sure, and no-no numbers and we don't grasp the complete randomness of a process.

And what we can't understand, the best is to delegate to machine. And machine learning algorithms exist for such a purpose.

User can train the neural network with history draws. The result is a "black box" that asked for a prediction in all round will point exactly on winning numbers. So it predicts 100% correct for all history rounds. And then we ask that black box to give us the prediction for future, not trained for yet. We input the network with last several rounds and receive the number probabilities. That table is showing which number is more probable to show up in the next round.

Software also includes wheels, full system creations, history management, and many more features.

Don't expect that the prediction will be absolute win. It is not so easy. But at least, you will play a little smarter. And your wins will be better with time.

Main features

Software is written for .NET framework and use Encog machine learning library.

Stonito for Lotto main form

Software is easy to use and feature rich.

For a full manual check documentation PDF file available id download section.


Download trial version and enjoy free trials from the link below.
Direct download link - file size 2.38 MB

Trial runs are counted and authorized online. That is why your computer must be online when trying software. Registered version does not have this requirement.

Complete manual in PDF format is available from the link below.
PDF file - file size 0.51 MB

Order (Buy)

Paypal is preferred payment option.

Three computer license for only $60 (VAT included).


As a result of your payment you will receive email with your registration data (user mail and password) that you can use to register this software on three different computers.


  1. Finally new version.
  2. Complete rewrite, C# .NET version of Lotto is here.
  3. Use "Encog" neural networks (open source).
  4. Added Back Round Window, using more previous rounds for prediction and training.
  5. Added Statistical neural network for prediction Average and Standard Deviation for the current draw.
  6. Added full system capability.
  7. Better way of selecting numbers (with probabilities or without) for Wheels or Full System
  8. And many more.

  1. Added 64 bit version support, which is highly recommended to use on 64 bit Windows versions
  2. Added different coloring to winning number in combination list

  1. added winning combination numbers circle representation in right pane of main form
  2. added possibility of exporting numbers and probabilities in clipboard or text files in view prediction probabilities form

  1. added combinations selection for adding manual combinations to the result set (you select set with more numbers than one combination requires, and then select some of the all possible combinations out of that set)

  1. corrected auto-opening of last used system in multi-lottery-system configurations
  2. corrected wheeling behavior
  3. added color in combination preview panel to represent probability-category for all numbers

  1. minor bug fixes, update of trial authorization for a new website

  1. Minor bug fixes, icons setup corrected, computer identification changed for registration

  1. Stop button introduced when recalculating network probabilities
  2. Icons added to the menu

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