Paid to Read Sites are with as since the Internet start. The people like them, so they will stay.

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Stonito Software
Paid-To-Read Buster , current version

Paid to read industry is no fun without this tool. With PTR Buster you automate almost everything that can be automated without breaking any rule of the Paid To Read programs. Three computer license for only $ 30 (VAT included).

PTR Buster is not cheating autoclick software!

You are not breaking any Terms of Service if you use PTR Buster. Many webmasters don't agree with that, but they can't detect PTR Buster user by no means.

PTR Buster is simple software to automate your daily tasks as a PTR member

  • Paid-To-Read Busted
    with a complete solution with more decades of continuous improvement
  • Full activity ontrol
    many useful options, including statistics and smart link and mail management, remove an unnecessary effort from the user

PTR-Buster Features

This software has many years of improvements behind. It is fully grown now. Some of it's unique features are listed below.

  • All mails and data are managed by popular SQLite engine offering speed, stability and reliability.
  • Paid e-mail and PTR Web Inbox downloads with highest speed possible.
  • Automated opening of defined number of links simultaneously.
  • Great help in reading mails with remembering your decisions for each links reviewed.
  • Useful statistics to signal when something strange happens with your programs.
  • You can do PTC (paid to click) clicks while clicking or doing something else in an easy next-click manner greatly improving earning capability.

PTR-Buster Version History

  1. - added possibility to export and import PTR site settings to web (no need to reenter it ever again, and very easy to recreate database and get started quickly)
  2. - every user can add new PTR settings to a web database
  3. - corrected procedure of PTC hanging on some sites for a long time, not runs smoothly
  4. - corrected deleting mails older than specified date
  5. - added possibility to recreate database
  6. - database will be recreated after installing (sorry, you will need to reenter data again)
  7. - other bug fixes and improvements

  1. added option to set all active PTC windows the same size
  2. corrected closing application proceedings to treat active PTC windows right
  3. added confirmation dialog for declaring CHEAT links
  4. minor bug changes

  1. added internet explorer tweaks (script disable and many other useful restrictions) that make PTR-Buster much more stable and your system much more secure
  2. changed appearance and functionality of browsing and ptc windows
  3. added logic to browser windows detecting postpone, discard and timer elapsed situations, as well as maximizing windows for Turing number tests

  1. Added "Skip in Future" option for closing browser window (marks a link as unwanted and ignores it in future
  2. Resolved bug when deleting Email addresses for PTR sites in PTR definition
  3. Mail viewer improved, corrected text only representation, more descriptive extracted links view
  4. Resolved bug when deleting cheat links definition in PTR program settings
  5. Other small bugs fixes

  1. Added more postpone options to Browser window (Postpone until next time, wait one, three, six or twelve hours)
  2. Only two options are now visible buttons (Postpone, Close OK) and only one is enabled. All options for closing Browser windows are enabled in the drop down menu.
  3. PTC window now properly responds to cancel closing action when it asks you to remember changed position.
  4. Do PTC - all now will skip all opened PTRs, and open only those that are not opened.

  1. bug fixed, "Connect Email Address to PTR site" was not active until application restarts
  2. Statistics improved, tabular and charting selected data made interactive
  3. PTC window position is saved only after confirmation when position or size of the PTR PTC window changed, on closing

  1. Complete rewrite of the PTR-Buster Core
  2. Single executable file, single process but multiple threads, PTC and Inbox reading do not spawn new processes any more
  3. Upload and calculation of earnings removed
  4. No more need to delete mails to avoid duplicate (daily) links
  5. No more need to read same links again (once OK, always OK, once bad always bad)
  6. All email links extracted and saved, no one skipped
  7. No more boring and dangerous PTC cheat banners (define them as cheat and forget)
  8. Very fast, minimizing database queries
  9. Unlimited undo in reading mails and checking links
  10. Position of PTC windows is made custom
  11. Statistics rewritten
  12. Many boring bugs exterminated ...

By Toni Stojev