PTR Buster values your time more, it will remember all your decisions and will try never to ask you the same question twice.

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PTR Buster in More Details

Can you really make money reading E-Mails online? How does it even work? Yes, you can get paid to read emails! There are many websites out there that reward their members for reading emails and doing other activities that most of us do online anyway. They offer a simple way for many people to make extra money online.

PTR Buster is here to remove the heavy toil of your's back. And without that heavy toil you can explore this world and find some interesting facts and discover fun when no one was looking before.

Small Steps && Patience

You may think that doing Paid To Read is complete loss of time. I think that it can help you develop two important virtues: small steps walking and patience.

Small steps are often overlooked in this speedy crazy world where everything must happen fast. And you cannot really say slow is better and that some things take time in this age of speed. But remember, if you learn to walk in small steps, you will see that there is suddenly no limit to where you can reach.

Some say patience is an over rated virtue. I disagree. You often need lots of patience on your road to success. Things take time to get moving. Especially good things that appear bad initially. And Paid To Read can teach you to be patient too.

Screen Shots and Videos

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If you want to know more about PTR Buster, than you may want to read an online manual.

Trial users by country and last time of use table:

countrytrial userslast usage
United States34December 14th, 2018
Germany16December 15th, 2018
Indonesia9February 26th, 2014
Italy6January 1st, 2013
Portugal6September 22nd, 2013
Bangladesh4May 27th, 2012
Bulgaria4September 11th, 2013
Spain4April 7th, 2013
France4July 22nd, 2014
Netherlands4March 29th, 2018
Poland4August 5th, 2018
Thailand4January 26th, 2014
Belgium3March 24th, 2013
Denmark3December 25th, 2013
Egypt3October 14th, 2012
United Kingdom3March 14th, 2013
Hungary3November 3rd, 2012
Philippines3May 27th, 2014
Canada2August 5th, 2013
Europe2August 8th, 2012
Croatia2June 3rd, 2013
India2September 10th, 2012
Morocco2June 22nd, 2012
Romania2October 1st, 2013
Vietnam2November 23rd, 2013
Austria1March 2nd, 2012
Bosnia and Herzegovina1June 29th, 2013
China1January 1st, 2013
Ghana1March 8th, 2013
Guinea1February 25th, 2014
Hong Kong1June 12th, 2012
Iran, Islamic Republic of1March 25th, 2013
Latvia1May 17th, 2013
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya1October 1st, 2012
Peru1September 26th, 2012
Russian Federation1April 18th, 2013
Slovenia1February 23rd, 2012
Tunisia1February 29th, 2012
Turkey1February 12th, 2012
Ukraine1July 17th, 2012
South Africa1December 5th, 2011
Total users147December 15th, 2018

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By Toni Stojev